Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Radiation - putting my skin in the slow cooker

I am in my second last week of radiation. My skin is the colour and texture of an old brown leather boot. I have started to get blisters and the skin is cracking and breaking. It is much more painful that I had imagined. Before I started radiation I was told that it is like having a bad sunburn. I didn't make the connection that it would be like having bad sunburn...in the same spot.....every day....for six weeks. At least when you get bad sunburn you have the good sense to stay out of the sun the next day and cover up the effected area. With daily radiation, you do not have that option. I am counting down to the end of the treatments as I am over going to the hospital every day and I am over the pain. I really hope my skin goes back to its usual colour, as currently it looks like I have been a passenger in a car for a very, very, very long time!

I have commenced job hunting, but have found that chemo brain is affecting my ability to write my resume and cover letters. I had a meeting with a company the other day, but I wasn't enthused about the job, so wasn't nervous at all. In fact, I was so unenthused, I didn't even bother to draw on eyebrows or wear my wig. I have been thinking about what type of work I would like and ideally I think I would be an awesome billionaire's girlfriend, however in the absence of that I will stick with recruitment.

Not that I do this regularly, but I was checking myself out in the mirror this morning. My boob now looks like the old lady from Something About Mary. I will leave you will that visual..........


  1. Hi Karen
    Thank you for your advice and info regarding Chemo... I have finally worked out how to send you a message! It was really great reading your blog and it is so inspiring to hear that you are coming out the other end of the journey and seeing the light; thank you for your feedback and useful tips! I too wish you all the best with your ongoing radiation. You have clearly tackled this very bravely and successfull also. And good luck with the job hunt; something will come up for sure!

  2. Hi Karen,
    My name is Trish, I'm a friend of Trudys and she suggested that I take a look at your blog after I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I've read it in one go from the start...quite impressive. A few parts freaked me out but not as much as the internet and all the bumpf they give you, so thank you for that. Good luck with the rest of your recovery and congrats on surviving your journey so far.
    Trish x
    p.s. If I were you, I'd take some time out before jumping back into the rat race! Travel a bit, chill out!