Monday, August 16, 2010

Radiation - all over red rover!

I finished radiation last week and have not missed the daily trips to the hospital or wearing the navy paper gown. My skin has finished the burning stage and has now entered the shedding stage, which is fairly hideous. I continue to drown my skin in the assigned cream, but it just seems to make the shedding bits softer as they fall off. On the upside, I am starting to feel like myself again. My energy levels are up and I do not require a daily afternoon nap, which is a pity as being currently between jobs - I have plenty of spare time! My eyebrows are making a comeback and will soon require grooming for the first time since January! I have resisted shaving my legs until I have to wax my eyebrows, as it just seems like a waste of hair. My mother asked me about when I would start dating again. I have a new rule for that - I will start dating when I have a fringe (and a person of interest!).

To celebrate the conclusion of radiation, I have done four things - 1. dye my hair, 2. had a spontaneous celebration with homemade pizza and French bubbles, 3. went to Tiffany's and bought a necklace and 4. have been job hunting. I feel more confident with the job hunt now that I have appropriate facial hair.

Actually, since finishing work I have been pretty busy. Looking for work is a full time job. Barney has also contracted Kennel Cough (which is the canine version of a chest infection and yes, it is as gross as it sounds). I have to give him cough syrup three times a day and antibiotics twice a day - so it is a good thing I don't have a job to go to. I feel like he has been looking after me this year, so it is my time to return the favour. However, I will say that cleaning up canine phlegm is disgusting.

I am relieved to have finished another part of Operation Kick Cancer's Ass. I still do not feel like the celebrations can really start, as I still have 11 more treatments of Herceptin. Although the Herceptin doesn't knock me around as much as chemo, it is still draining having to go to the chemo clinic every three weeks. I will really celebrate when I walk through those doors for the last time! Only 35 weeks to go!

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