Sunday, August 8, 2010

Radiation - the last week

I am heading into my final week of radiation. I am feeling somewhat anxious about what lies ahead of me. I was awake for about five hours last night worrying about a range of issues; if I can't get a job, if I do get a job but can't go on holidays in January, if my bald head is going to be on the cover of the publication coming out on Thursday and above all - hoping that my boob holds together for this final week of radiation. My boob is unrecognisable to me and is completely different to the other one. If I saw it in a boob line up, I wouldn't pick it out as mine. I look like I have had a painting accident with a tin of mission brown paint. I will not miss going to the hospital every day. There was a man in the waiting room the other day who had a visible brain tumour. It is not a place full of cheery sunshine. I am looking forward to radiation coming to an end. I was told during the week that my skin will get worse before it gets better. I am not looking forward to that, as at the moment the pain of it is waking me up a few times a night. The cream is helping, but I have to put it on about eight times a day. They have also given me gel pads to put under my bra strap, which helps ease the pain. One nurse did suggest that I not wear a bra for the duration of the radiation. Since I have not walked out of the house without a bra since I was about 11, that is not an option.

I am happy that this stage of Operation Kick Cancer's Ass is coming to an end, but I still don't feel like I can celebrate. I still have twelve doses of Herceptin over the next 36 weeks, so I will really celebrate at the end of that. However, I will definitely mark the return of my head hair with numerous cocktails! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, my eyebrows are making quite a comeback! The eyelashes are lagging behind, but I am coping with it. My leg hair has come back at a rapid rate, but I refuse to waste body hair when it is still lacking in other areas. On the topic of leg hair, I had quite a mortifying incident at the dog park on Sunday morning. There is a fellow that I have seen a few times and we always have a chat about dogs and rugby. He told me that he was at a party on Saturday night discussing my leg hair with a friend of mine. If you are that particular friend, please stop talking to men about my leg hair! If you are that stuck for conversation at a party, talk about my wit and sparkling personality (even if you have to make it up), but please refrain from discussing my body hair.

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  1. Hi karen,
    Congratulations on completing your radiation... you must be extremely excited! It's great to hear that you are so close to the end and I'm sure you hair will grow back really quickly and you'll be back out on the town very soon!

    You have been so brave and positive in tackling this experience and have given me and I'm sure many other women alot of hope and positive energy!

    I can fully emphathise with you on the leg hair story; as I know I'm about to lose mine, I haven't shaved for weeks, so I'm sure my surgeons have been mortified when they have taken a look; they are all things that I once would have cared about but now; I really don't! Great story though and at least he was checkin out your legs!!

    Good luck with it all and thanks again for your ongoing wishes.