Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad week

It has been seven weeks since my last chemo and I am still suffering from chemo brain. I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday, not Thursday. It was only when I arrived early to my radiation appointment that I realised what day it was. It hasn't been the best week. Wednesday was the day I had planned to fly to Tahiti (which was poo-pooed by the radiation oncologist), so the day didn't start out that great. However, I was focusing on the positive that I only had one more week of radiation to go and then I am done! That bubble was burst when I found out that I have to have an extra week of 'boost' treatments. My skin is very very dark and being held together by the 3.4L of moisturiser that I apply twice a day, so I am not sure how it will be after another two weeks of treatments.

In addition to that news, I was advised that the company I work for is closing their Brisbane office; which means I am now on the job hunt. I am not that enthused about job hunting with no eyebrows, but it can't be avoided. It also raises the issue about when to disclose to potential employers that I will need every third Monday off for the next 38 weeks. It is good to be upfront and honest, but I don't want it to jeopordise my application. Although, once the article comes out next week - there will be no hiding from it in Brisbane! Whilst being made redundant is less than ideal, I just focus on the fact that it's not the worst news I have been given in the past twelve months!

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