Thursday, July 8, 2010

Making new friends

The treatment of cancer comes with a very long list of side efffects, all of which are horrid and I have graphically discussed in previous blogs. One great side effect is that through all of this, I have made new friends. People that I wouldn't have come across in my life, if it wasn't for breast cancer. I have spent a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms, and find myself chatting with the people around me (sadly none of these people cute single men in their 30's who like bald chicks). Every one has a story. One lady at radiation showed me her rash, which was graphic, but helpful to know where to put the cream to avoid the afore mentioned rash.

As there is currently no support group for single women with breast cancer, it has been incredibly helpful being in touch with other women who are in a similar situation to me. I had lunch with two of these women on Sunday and it was great. We chatted until they started packing up the restaurant around us. We didn't talk about breast cancer and treatment the entire time, we talked and laughed about a lot of things. Whilst my friends have been amazing, it is comforting to be amongst women who have been through breast cancer. They have been a great source of information and it is good to know that I am not the only one who feels weird about starting to go out again. I am heading out again this weekend and have bought eyelashes in preparation!

I am a little sad to report that the idea of Tahiti has been canned by the radiation oncologist. Apparently, they do speed up radiation for extreme cases, but Tahiti was not a good enough reason. I thought it was a pretty good reason, but I am not the man with the power. Anyway, I will just have to start planning other things. It is the first time in a very long time that I am excited about what lies ahead of me.

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