Monday, December 12, 2011

Spoke too soon......

So for those of you who keep up to date with this blog, you may remember that I mentioned the shooting pains in my head that I was having last week. I had two days off work because of my headaches and was feeling a bit soft. I woke up on Tuesday and Wednesday with the pain in my head and nausea, which was very unlike me. Luckily, our cleaner was home on Tuesday and was able to help me. The pains continued for a short time and then ceased. My cautious father booked me an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Wednesday afternoon to have a check-up, as he was concerned about the shooting pains in my head. The neurosurgeon ordered a MRI and CT, which I thought I would get on Thursday, as I was tired and cranky and just wanted to head home. Thursday morning I woke up in a torrent of pain with nausea and the shooting pains in my head. Unlike the last two mornings, the shooting pains didn't subside and after 45 minutes of agony, I rang my parents at 4.30am.

Luckily, my parents are 10 minutes away - which includes getting out of bed, dressed and driving to my place. By the time they arrived, I was doubled over in agony, grabbing my head and throwing up in a bucket in my room. I can honestly say that I have never been in so much pain in my life. Looking back at it now, I thought I had an aneurysm and that was going to be the end of me. We have a history of high blood pressure and aneurysm in our family with people passing away at 36....which was how old I was. Dad bungled me into the car, gave me a injection of Maxalon to stop me throwing up and drove me to the emergency department of the local hospital. I hear about long waiting times in waiting rooms, but I was sitting down for about 30 seconds before they whisked me away to see a doctor. Mum told me yesterday that dad also suspected an aneurysm, which helped speed up the process. I was a bit out of it, but I remember them giving me a magical drug which made the pain go away.

I was assured by the doctor that it wasn't an aneurysm, otherwise I would be dead and not sitting up talking to the doctor. I felt somewhat reassured, but then wondered what else could be wrong. I was taken for a contrast CT and the results came through. Before I knew the results, I heard the neurosurgeon from the day before saying 'right, what ever that is, it has to come out today'. Luckily he was operating at the hospital that morning and he was able to fit me into his list. It was very surreal, going from lying there with a headache to facing fairly major brain surgery later that day. I had to ring work and let them know I was in the hospital and wouldn't be at work that day. The events of the day are still a little fuzzy for me, but I had an MRI and was taken up to the operating theatre. The MRI revealed a 3cm malignant brain tumour which was pressing up against my brain and causing all these issues.

I woke up a few hours later in the ICU - tumour free and in a magical cloud of anti-pain medication. I was a bit out of it for a while, I am told that my brother came to visit me and we had a great chat - none of which I can remember! I also have vague recollections of cancelling a date on Thursday night via voicemail...........I apologise now to that particular gentleman! Coming out of the ICU, I was advised that I can walk, talk, touch my nose, recognise people, colours and move all my limbs. I didn't have epilepsy, seizures or a stroke - which upon reflection makes me realise just how bloody lucky I am! I have spoken to a few of my friends who are doctors and they all have very concerned looks on their faces when they look at my scans. I guess the benefit of being non-medical, is that I didn't understand just how sick I was. The rest of this week will be tests, tests and more tests. This will include new tests and my two year check up. I feel somewhat ripped off that I am coming to the end of one cancer crap and starting a new one simultaneously.

Sitting here in hospital six days later, I am still coming to terms with what happened. I still can't believe that only a few weeks ago I was so excited about getting to my two year anniversary and having my port removed. Thinking that all this cancer shit was behind me. I thought I was done and dusted and could continue with the rest of my life. I was actually thinking about the blog and wandered what to write about since the tumour thing was finished. I guess I spoke to soon.

I am sure that I will once again find humour in this tumour, but at the moment, I feel ripped off, pissed off, angry and sad. That is even before I get on to the topic of losing my hair......again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh sweetheart. So, so sorry to hear your horrible news. Thinking of you and sending torrents of coping vibes.
    Jo Jacobs xo