Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two years ago today...

Hi I am Lisa Lum and my younger and only sister Karen (37) died from breast cancer two years ago today.

Time does not heal it just puts distance between the memories of the hospital suite, the pain she suffered, the last days, the giving up of hope for recovery in exchange for acceptance of a new reality of life without Karen.

How are we doing? Life is not as full without her. There is joy mixed with sadness when looking at photos of her. It is hard to hear when the kids say they don't remember her as much. As a family we try and look after each other's pain and sadness. For her friends we try and understand what it is like to have a lost a best friend. And she was a great one!

We try and imagine a life without breast cancer in it and Aunty Karen growing old with the rest of us!

We will walk on Mother's Day - me, my husband Craig, and our 3 kids and we will fundraise to help them find a cure for this disease that has robbed our lives of the joy that was Karen and changed our lives forever.

If you wish to join us and wear a uniform - please contact me - Lisa Lum (Karen's sister) Caps are $20 posted with a tribute card to pin to your shirt. Wear a white tshirt and camel cargos.

If you wish to donate to our team's fundraising efforts a donation does not need to be grand - the cost of a hot chocolate, an espresso martini, a rum and coke, Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Kate Spade cocktail ring, Air ticket to anywhere... Some things that she loved!

Thanks to everyone who is thinking of our family at this time.
As Karen would say, "It is cryworthy."

A sister with a heavy heart but on a mission to save other people's sisters and Rock Star Aunties!

Lisa Lum
Captain - Karen's Army                                      

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