Monday, April 8, 2013

We remember her...What can we do?

Today we remember Karen - who passed away a year ago today.
We remember her in the way we knew her best - comfortable in her designer shoes and packing a whole life into half the time!

Here are some of my favourite photos of her that remind me how full of life she was.  It is really hard not to miss her.
My daughter Lucy has her hands, so does my cousin Melissa which makes me feel like she has left part of her here with us.  Hands to hold!

After a year without her and feeling that she made it to Heaven I feel that Heaven is on the other side of an invisible curtain right in front of us.
She has appeared in people's dreams with her hair back - long and straightened, texted iphones, sent cuddles through friend's dreams and spoken through mediums.  Many people have felt her presence or had signs from her.
All the messages and feelings we have received are that she got there safely and she is watching over all of us.
I often wonder how she feels looking through the invisible curtain and seeing how sad we are.
Would she be sad?
How would she want us to go on? 
Sadly - with chocolate? 
Sulking - watching Pride and Prejudice?
Or living life to full as she did - whether she could afford to or not?

I think we all know the answer but it is not always that easy!

I find solace in action.  I need to know that there is something I can do to prevent this happening to someone else's sister.

Last year we reaised $12,700 towards breast cancer research.  Last year we did something to help the cause.

This year we are trying to help all over again - with Karen's Army Team walking the Mother's Day Classic in May. 

Please sponsor us here via this link.

We are fundraising again to help others. 

Please join us or sponsor us - I am walking with my family and many of her friends and our friends.

A donation does not need to be grand - the cost of a hot chocolate, an expresso martini, a rum and coke, Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Kate Spade cocktail ring, Air ticket to anywhere...

So many memories but each one however small will help someone.

If you wish to join us and wear a uniform - please contact me - Lisa Lum (Karen's sister)

Thanks to everyone who is thinking of our family at this time.  We are all ok - but as Karen would say, "It is cryworthy."

With love and longing,
Lisa Lum

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  1. I met Karen and dated her for a very short period. She was amazing, incredibly good looking and funny too. I was a fool not to be with her.