Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I am grateful for....

I have been thinking about the past few months and all the things that have happened. Whilst it has the most difficult time in my life, and I have been faced with many challenges, there have also been special things that have happened. From the beginning I have been overwhelmed with the love and support from family and friends. Not only from my close friends, but also from people who I have lost contact with over the years. I am grateful for the cards, letters, phone calls, flowers and presents that have been delivered. I also loved the many pop-ins and delivery of hugs, kisses and presents for myself and Barney. Even when I was not up for visitors there would be gifts left in the letterbox or at the front door. I have received cards and presents from people I haven't even met and live on the other side of the world! One night I woke up at about 2am and was feeling particularly alone. I started thinking about everything that was ahead of me and I started crying, wishing that there was someone there to comfort me. I rolled over and I saw a box that was full of cards and letters and I thought I am lucky, I don't have one person to comfort me, I have about 100 people who are thinking of me. I am grateful for all the masses that have been said for me and the many prayers. I think by now I have a direct line to God!

I am very grateful for the friends who cooked meals, so that my mother wouldn't have to think about cooking after spending a day at the hospital. I am grateful for my cousin who sent me a present after every chemo treatment, so there was something to look forward to in that week. I loved the fact that my cousin, who I hadn't seen in about 10 years, flew up from Melbourne to spend the weekend with me. I love that I get daily phone calls from people seeing how the treatment is going. I am grateful for the many people who leave voicemail messages and I apologise for not returning them all. I am grateful for my work colleagues who have been nothing less than amazing and supportive. I am grateful that my sister who did the breast cancer walk and raised over $2000 for research into this insidious disease and bakes me my favourite cookies. I am grateful that my brother flew up from Canberra to see me before my operation, even though he was only in Brisbane for about 5 hours. I am grateful to my friend who flew up from Sydney and spent the weekend in Noosa with me. I am grateful for the people who came and saw me in hospital and helped pass the boredom. I am grateful that I met another girl, through family friends, who is going through the same thing as me. She and I have become friends and we are each other's support group. I am grateful for my friends who still invite me to every social event, even though I can't make them. I am grateful to my friends who come and have dinner with me at 6pm, so I can be in bed by 7.30pm. I am grateful to the Queensland Reds who made it worthwhile for me to get out of bed and make it to the home games.

I am grateful that I live in a country where I have access to the best medical care. I am grateful that I have breast cancer and that through research and development, there is so much treatment and support available. I am grateful for my parents and siblings who have always loved and supported me. I am grateful to have such a wonderful and loving home to return to in order to heal. And finally, I am grateful to me - I have cancer, but I have the strength to kick its ass!

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  1. and I am grateful to you, lovely lovely Karen, for being such a wonderful friend and inspiration. :-) Love love love x